Other services

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Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT): is Ireland's non-governmental organisation campaigning for rights in the penal system and the progressive reform of Irish penal policy. It is important to note that IPRT does not provide support services to individual prisoners and cannot provide legal advice. However, IPRT can give you information about your rights, and sign-post you to other organisations that may be able to help you or your family members.  www.iprt.ie

Phone:  01-8741400

Jobcare: Community Employment (C.E.) schemes for individuals who experience imprisonment and the wider community also. www.jobcare.ie Phone: 01-6773897 


Alternative to violence programme (A.V.P.): Providing informal support and programmes to individuals during and after release with options to complete or progress to deliver training.  www.avpireland.ie

Phone: 085-1512582


Release: is a registered charity that supports people who have experienced imprisonment live transformed lives. www.release.ie Phone: 086-044 9351




Free Legal advice centre: We have a telephone information line and the clinics which are both available for the public www.flac.ie/help

The main website address www.flac.ie  Phone: 01 887 3600.