Employment & Education Services

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The Pathways Centre:  Educational courses, counselling and supports for individuals before, during and after imprisonment and the wider community also. www.pathwayscentre.ie Phone: 01-8726499


Care After Prison (C.A.P.): Individual and family support before, during and after prison. www.careafterprison.ie  Phone: 01-4720973


The Pace Organisation: Training, employment and accomodation support during and after prison.

 www.paceorganisation.ie  Phone: 01-8474296 or 01-8427997


Jobcare: Community Employment (C.E.) schemes for individuals who experience imprisonment and the wider community also. www.jobcare.ie Phone: 01-6773897


Irish Association for the Social Integration of Offenders (I.A.S.I.O.): Represent an important bridge between the justice system and the community.  www.iasio.ie  Phone: 01 8662706

Solas Project: Solas Project is a charity with a vision to see an Ireland where all children and young people truly know their self-worth and can take full advantage of their potential. https://solasproject.com Phone: 01 552 0683